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See how SoFit revolutionizes the way we approach an active lifestyle. Use SoFit to Gain rewards

Track your Activity. Earn Rewards.

Use SoFit while going for a run, walking your dog, or biking to work. By using SoFit on the GO you can turn your daily activities into points, Trophies, & real-world rewards.

Join Challenges. Make a Difference.

Challenges add more direction, fun and purpose to your daily activity by raising awareness for your favourite causes, raising money for your favourite charities, or simply seeing how long it takes to run from London to Paris, under the English Channel!

Workout with Buddies, wherever you are.

Connect with your buddies for support and motivation. You can share your activities, follow your buddies, beat their best times or tackle a Challenge together.With SoFit on the Go, you can participate in a marathon in Tokyo, with your Buddy in Paris, while on a treadmill in Toronto.

Get SoFit.

Track your activity, challenge yourself, connect with friends, while you make a difference. So, stop having to find time to work out, and start having fun with SoFit.